We are offering complex technological solutions for manufacturing of sheet-parts. We are open to specific manufacturing or serial manufacturing. The main profile consists of the fine-sheet processing with a thickness between 0.5mm and 8 mm. The company has a more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of metal parts, from the design till the finished products. We are supplying the clients with products of various readiness level, from the simple cutting to the manufacturing of the complex parts.  Due to our partners we undertake various surface treatments, too.


Manufacturing possibility


Sheet scissors: the thickness that can be cut: between 0.5-4 mm

Edge-bending: 5 Amada press brake machines

Laser cutting: 1 Kimla fiber laser cutting machine

Punching machine: 3 Amada punching machines



Pem pressing: pressing of various press-nuts, screws and other connecting elements

Press-nut pulling

Tox binding technology

Press machines


Stand-based drill machines

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