Company history

The company was established in 1991, currently we are operating as a Kft (limited liability company), having 20 employees. From the beginning the main activity has consisted of the fine-sheet processing, manufacturing of parts, manufacturing of semi-finished and finished products, through wagework. Due to our 20+ years of operation we have gained vast experience in the manufacturing of sheet-parts. It the beginning the manufacturing took place with traditional tools but in order to improve our competitiveness and by reacting to the quality requirements the machinery kept developing and renewing. Initially we produced for the Hungarian market but since 1994 the number of the German clients has been increasing. Currently we are serving our clients with 4 Amada punching machines, 1 Amada laser-cutting machine, 3 Amada edge-bending machines. We implemented our quality assurance system in 2007 together with a business management system. After the introduction of the two systems the quality of the products manufactured by us increased significantly. Currently the company is building its own site within a Greenfield project.

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